About Us

FTS Engineering Answers is an independent engineering service provider. We work across industries and across disciplines and where necessary use our extensive network to bring in specialist expertise, as required. Subsequently, we are able to answer those questions that others find difficult.

FTS Engineering Answers Ltd. is proud to be a founder member of OxCAM Engineering Arc. OxCAM Engineering Arc is a partnership offering consultancy and support in a wide range of multidisciplinary engineering spheres, including fluid dynamics and stress analysis, while always providing objective, cost-effective solutions to your engineering problems.

FTS Engineering Answers Ltd. is a member of Cambridge Cleantech, a business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. The organisation brings businesses together to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer with the objective of facilitating the transition towards a sustainable, low carbon future in Cambridge and the world.

Dr Mike Lewis

Mike has over 25 years’ of experience of using Computational Aided Engineering tools to answer engineering questions.  Prior to setting up FTS Engineering Answers, Mike grew and managed two consultancy groups, one at Xodus Group and one at CD-adapco.  He has worked in several industries from automotive through life sciences to oil and gas.

Mike holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cranfield University.

Why did you start FTS Engineering Answers?

It’s not new or revolutionary; I’ve been working and managing Engineering Analysis teams for bigger organisations for the last ten years. However, becoming independent will allow us to focus on our client’s questions and needs, therefore provides good value, high quality engineering advice.

What do you mean by Engineering Answers?
Engineering problems do not always have straight forward solutions. Engineering Answers covers all of the ways a problem may be addressed from the provision of resources to carrying out calculation and simulations; through monitoring to manage an engineering problem; to design and redesign to eliminate a problem completely.
How do you work with your Clients to understand Engineering Question?

By focusing on the engineering question and learning what the limitations are in terms of budget and time-scales at the start of the project, we can use appropriate tools and introduce expertise as required to answer that question effectively and efficiently.

Can you answer all Engineering Questions?
Individually of course not, but we have an extensive network which we can bring in as appropriate. For example, we recently managed the development of engineering software for a Client. The Client carried out the technical development, while we worked with two partners to develop the business model, sales model, launch plan and marketing materials.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
I am happiest sitting with our Clients over a coffee and discussing how we can help answer their questions. Some Clients are now friends beyond the commercial environment. Building and maintaining those relationships over the long term benefits all parties.
Which industries do you typically work in?
Typically, I’ve worked across the automotive and energy industries. The engineering challenges in these sectors are different but the underlying physics is the same. Heat transfer questions may be as far ranging as:
Q: Why a cylinder head on a diesel engine is cracking?
Q: Is the cooling spool sufficiently long enough to reduce the temperature on a HPHT well problem
– but they remain heat transfer questions.
What are your specialisms?
Our focus is providing Engineering Answers; we use a range of tools to achieve this from empirical methods to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. None of these are used in isolation but with expert analysis of experienced engineers.
What don’t you like doing?
I don’t like telling a Client that we can’t help. I’ve only had to say it once; in that case trying to help would have wasted the Client’s time and money. The tools have moved on since then so, that we could provide insight now.
What do you do outside of work?
My family have given me a challenge of growing a 3m tall Sunflower; this will mean I have an excuse to spend time in my garden. When travelling I like to read; I’d love to spend time in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books from the Carlos Ruiz Zafon books.
Do you have any regrets?
I wish I’d been a better rugby player. I miss playing, the banter and the challenge of coaching. However, I don’t miss waking up the morning after a game and feeling like I’ve been run over by a steam roller!