Mike Lewis is presenting at the STAR Global Conference 2017 on “Vibration in the oil and gas industry”.  This will provide an overview of the use of simulation tools to investigate and mitigate vibration problems in the oil and gas industry.

Vibration failures jeopardise safety and cost millions of dollars each year in replacements and lost production for oil and gas operators. Typically, simulation tools are used both during design and operations. During design, simulation is often used following high level screening to demonstrate the design is safe or to improve bad designs. During operations, simulation is used to investigate issues, understand the underlying causes, quantify their effects and help to design mitigation measures.

The presentation will show validation of multiphase slugging and annular flows (using STAR-CCM+®) typical of hydrocarbon transport pipelines. Examples will then be given of vibration investigations. These will demonstrate how simulation has been used to investigate the underlying causes and provide design changes to eliminate or reduce the vibration problem.