Processing CT and MRI Scans for Simulation

The objective of the study was to demonstrate the process of taking a Medical Scan (either CT or MRI) extracting physical parts of the scan (in this case the carotid arteries) and carry out a simulation with that geometry.

Using an open source tool (3D Slicer), the CT Scan was segmented to extract the carotid arteries. The segmented carotid arteries are then exported from 3D Slicer and imported into STAR-CCM+ as stl files.

A Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation is then set up within STAR-CCM+. Appropriate boundary conditions are applied. A pulse flow rate at the inlet and a series of windkessel models at the outlets. Material properties are applied to the artery walls, and a pseudo “neck” is added around the artery to give the damping effect the neck does in reality.

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